Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Crazy McCaininite Calls Obama "Terrorist"

Palin held a rally in Florida Monday.

I've gone out on limbs previously in my life. Especially political limbs. I've gone so far as to call George W. Bush a terrorist. And it makes sense. To millions of Iraqis and Afghanis, he is a terrorist. He sits there in his white house (well, his Crawford ranch) and says "bring 'em on!" and half of an Iraqi family is vaporized as collateral damage. Let's say this again. George W. Bush is responsible for innocent deaths, just as much as he's responsible for killing a handful of "insurgents."

Barack Obama, on the other hand, hasn't had enough time to kill anyone. He's not president. He wasn't in the military. He did not fly air raids to attack military targets, that had the unfortunate side effect of "collateral damage." John McCain continued sewing the seeds of doubt in his true believers about Barack Obama one fine day in Albuquerque, he asked, "Who is the real Barack Obama?" Someone shouted from the crowd, "TERRORIST!!!" The crowd roared with approval at this wholly unfounded and baseless lie. McCain did not correct the shouter, and why not? That's exactly what the McCain whisper email campaign is about: Make people think Barack Obama is a muslim terrorist, sworn in on a Quran, and ready to destroy this country from within. U-S-A!

She sheriff in Lee county who introduced Sarah Palin at a rally yesterday referred to "Barack Hussein Obama," again to sew the seeds of fear. You see people? It's like when someone you're arguing with resorts to insults to win their argument. "OH yeah? Well you're a poopy pants!" 

The McCain campaign has painted themselves into a corner with this "I'm going to suspend my campaign and champion the bailout, only to learn that the bailout was completely ineffective," trick. The only way to gain ground in the polls, and this is written in McCain campaign memos, is to turn the page on the economy and focus solely on baseless character attacks, many of them already vetted on the national stage during the Democratic Primaries. And why not? It's not as if the Republican base of ignorant religious "freedom isn't free" "America: love it or leave it" nuts even watched A debate, let alone a Democratic one.

So hurray! Thank you, anonymous McCain supporter, for helping me prove my point, yet again, that the reason the polls are as close as they are is because 10% of this wonderfully diverse nation are racist, bigoted, "drag the queer behind the truck," "sling that nigra up in the tree," fearful ignoramuses. If you disagree with me, then why did McCain not correct his wayward crowd? 

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